NarFire Throwable Fire Extinguisher

NarFire Throwable Fire Extinguisher is a transparent liquid, a versatile, efficient, environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable plant-based fire extinguishing agent. By adding penetrant, flame retardant and other additives in water to change the chemical properties of water, latent heat of vaporization, viscosity, wetting force and adhesion, the fire extinguishing effect of water is improved. The main active ingredient: alkyl glycoside. Alkyl glycosides are extracted from plants; mixing with water at a mixing ratio of 10:90 to form a liquid fire extinguishing agent.

Fire Extinguisher Product

During the fire extinguishing process, extinguishing agent scatters on the surface of the burning material, the liquid is precipitated to cool the surface, and a water film and a foam layer are formed on the surface of the burning body to seal the surface of the burning body, and the air is insulated to form heat insulation. The barrier, the liquid that absorbs the heat vaporizes and dilutes the oxygen content of the air on the surface of the combustion product, suffocating the combustion object, preventing the combustion from continuing; at the same time, the fire extinguishing agent chemically reacts with the combustion substance to form a polymer substance. The polymer material can effectively inhibit or reduce the generation of combustion radicals, destroy the combustion chain, and prevent combustion. Since the water-based fire extinguishing agent has the dual functions of physical and chemical fire extinguishing, that is, cooling and covering, it also has the function of destroying the combustion chain.

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